Instructions and Tips

General Directions

Please read all instructions carefully, as MOOM Glazing® is different from waxing and sugaring!

Before you begin MOOM®ing, wash and dry skin completely to remove any oils, makeup or lotions. Dry the area thoroughly. That is all the preparation you need!

After you warm up MOOM® using the microwave or placing the glass half way in a pot of boiling water, ensure that the consistency is honey-like. It should not be hot liquid (of course!) but it also should not be difficult to spread. 
Following the direction of hair growth, apply a paper-thin layer of MOOM®. Use the side edge of the spatula, thin out the layer. Place MOOM® fabric strip on top, leaving 2″ (5 cm) at the end of the strip free for a firm grip. Rub your hand over the entire length of the strip rapidly 3 times to adhere it well to the MOOM®.

Holding the skin taut with one hand, zip off the strip quickly in the direction opposite to hair growth, keeping it as close and parallel to your skin as possible. If you notice some new growth soon after you MOOM®, these are simply hairs that were still below the skin’s surface, or too short to remove. With continued use, regrowth will weaken, and eventually the area will require less MOOM®ing!