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Why Glaze with MOOM®?

MOOM is carefully formulated for delicate skin. 
We believe that beauty and health go hand in hand. Each product we create embodies the essence of excellence and well-being.

No Harsh Chemicals

All Organic Ingredients.

All of our ingredients have been researched and chosen carefully to pamper
the skin while delivering the best results..


Renowned from ancient times as a miracle herb for its myriads properties and soothing nature, it adds to the luxurious feel of MOOM. 


This sweet, natural and gentle binder also helps to maintain perfect oil balance in the skin. 

Lemon Juice

This natural source of vitamins act as a skin enhancer. 

Essential Oils

Infusion of essential oils in MOOM pampers your skin to further improve your experience. 


Enabling the natural ingredients to function as coherent whole, water forms a natural base for MOOM. 

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MOOM® has taken a holistic approach to hair removal where the beauty and health of the skin is the focus and the integrity of our precious environment is preserved.

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