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How to MOOM® Sensitive Areas

Sensitive areas can include the face and bikini region.

As with any area, make sure that it is clean of any product or sweat, and dry. Applying corn starch or baby powder can sometimes help.

Study the growth pattern before you begin. Body parts like underarms and bikini can have multiple hair growth directions!

Section the area into smaller sections and start by applying MOOM® to each section separately, following the arrows on the instruction sheet. Ensure that you are holding the skin taut as you pull so as to not stretch the skin.

Remember that the arrows show the direction in which you apply the MOOM®, you pull the strip off in the direction opposite to the arrows.

Note: To keep the skin taut with your upper lip, stretch your upper lip over your teeth or push your tongue against the inside of your lip in the area you are MOOM®ing.