Clean and dry area well & apply corn starch. For very coarse, stray hairs on the chin and upper lip, thoroughly surround the hair in a small bead of MOOM®. Apply strip and remove. When finished, cool area with clean ice cubes if necessary.


Upper Lip


Lips and the skin around them are among the most delicately sensitive parts of the body. To start, study the growth pattern on your upper lip. In general, you will see a pattern similar to the diagram.

Start by applying MOOM® to each section separately following the arrows. Do not do the entire area in one application as this would be ineffective in removing the hairs, and may even cause bruising. MOOM® in small sections similar to the illustration.

Remember that the arrows show the direction in which you apply the MOOM®, you pull the strip off in the direction opposite to the arrows. When finished, cool area with clean ice cubes if necessary. Note: To keep the skin taut, stretch your upper lip over your teeth or push your tongue against the inside of your lip in the area you are MOOM®ing.



Before you start, study the natural shape of your eyebrows. It is best to use the natural shape of your eyebrows while removing straggly hairs to reveal a clean and graceful line. Before you start, read all instructions and practice MOOM®ing other parts of your body to make sure that you’re very familiar with the product and how it works.

Make sure you read the Dos and Don’ts sections as well. Remove contact lenses. You do not need to warm MOOM® for use on this area. If you make a mistake when applying MOOM®, just rinse it off, dry the area completely and begin again. Make sure you do not get too close to the eyes.

In the eyebrow area you should only use each strip once!