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Here is sample of what our customers have to say about MOOM!

“I was looking for an alternative to shaving my lower legs since I only get about 2 days of smoothness before regrowth sets in. I’ve already tried chemical lotions and epilators with the costs not being worth the benefits. This is the first waxing/sugaring product I have tried and is likely to be the last. It was very easy to use and hardly painful at all (less than taking off a band aid).”

S. Murray, USA

“This is the best hair removal product. I have tried them all and this is the best one. I am a big advocate of only using products with natural or organic ingredients. This is reminiscent of the old French method of using honey wax and sugar. It is effective in removing the hair. This is hard to find for present day hair removal products. I have thin hair too. Usually it is difficult to remove thin hair but this grips it really well.”

Polly, USA

“MOOM® is by far better at removing hair than anything I’ve bought from the store. I bought the starter kit years ago and from then on, I only use MOOM® for removing hair along my bikini line. It’s really easy after you get practice, the wax washes right off the strips and body with warm water and I always get great results every time I use it. I don’t have to put any sort of lotions on afterwards either.”

J. Sculley, Mountlake Terrace, WA

“I was pretty skeptical about self-waxing, but now that I have used MOOM® I can’t see myself ever going to get a professional wax again. It is a truly wonderful hair removal method. I used it for my bikini area, and it was very successful. I didn’t think that I would be pleased with the results from the first use; before I began the waxing process, I assured myself that I would need to be patient and give it a few tries just in case it didn’t work out at first. But lo and behold, my first time results were as good as professional.”

Katie Herrmann

“I almost never write reviews for products I buy. Not because I don’t like the products, but because it’s a pain. But this product so exceeded my expectations that I decided to take the time to review it. I was spending $10 a week on my chin area, $5 every 2 weeks on my upper lip area and $10 every 2 weeks on my eyebrows (although I’d recommend caution on your eyebrows-practice using it for a while then do the eyebrows very carefully) That was a total of $70 per month on waxing! And it always hurt! MOOM® is not only saving me a bundle-I’ve used it approx 6 times on myself and once on my daughter since I purchased it-I can’t even tell I’ve used any at all-the jar still looks full. It doesn’t hurt at all and works wonderfully well to get all the hairs out. I also love that if I get it in a spot I didn’t want to, I can just remove the product with water-unlike wax which you are stuck with once placed. I bought another kit the other day for my daughter-after seeing how well it works and how much it’ll save on salon waxing-she wanted one also.”

K. A. Rubin, Fair Oaks, Ca

“I’ve been using MOOM® for about 3 months now and I’m never going back to the salon to get a brazilian wax again! I am extremely pain sensitive and salon waxing hurts SO much, but the MOOM® doesn’t hurt nearly as much. I originally bought it to do my underarms and when I noticed that it didn’t hurt, I tried it on my bikini area. TA-DAH! I’m now doing my own brazilian waxing at home! Trust me, if I can do it, ANYONE can do it. I’m really thrilled with my MOOM® experience.”

Dana Lee, South Carolina

“The reviews I read about this product were so overwhelmingly positive that I was skeptical- I mean, how could that be? It’s WAX, and everyone hates waxing and it always hurts. But I just needed to try it because of bad recent experiences with drugstore kits. Well, I’m happy to report that not only did this product stand up to it’s positive reviews, but it was the least painful waxing experience I’ve ever had. I really appreciate that the company took the time to give instructions for each different area you could use the wax on, as there are small differences which can apparently increase your accuracy. I am not the type to take the time to write reviews. But in this case, I just had to. Nice work, MOOM®, and thanks so much for making this product so affordable as well.”

M, Arlington, VA

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