About MOOM

Welcome to the MOOM Family


Where Did MOOM® Come From?

A boutique organic hair remover, unique and unprecedented, MOOM® Organic Hair Removal Glaze is enjoyed all around the world, and yet it is lovingly hand-made in small batches, ensuring purity and authenticity.



Jinous grew up in a family of visionaries and idealists who believed every person is responsible for making the world a better place. They believed every human being is noble and can contribute to the betterment of society through education and service to humanity. This was the essential meaning of life for her and her family, and guided them in all that they did. She excelled in school and earned her degree in chemical engineering at the age of 22. She became a successful chemist in her field and was the supervisor in…. Together with her husband, John, an electro-mechanical engineer, they set down roots and created a beautiful life filled with family, love, and service.


Love of Nature

Jinous always had an abiding love of Nature. An artist at heart, her hobbies included singing, painting, and flower arrangement. She knew that Nature provides endless bounties for all those who inhabit Her planet. As such, she was always in search of natural beauty treatments.


As her daughters grew into young women, she did not want them to use chemical means like waxes to remove unwanted hair, or to shave, which only promote coarser regrowth. Being familiar with the ancient practice of sugaring, and having the background of chemistry combined with the knowledge of the benefits of certain natural ingredients, she would make small batches of natural hair remover at home for her daughters to use. Friends and family began asking for this hair remover.


From Revolution to a New Beginning

They knew that their values could make them a target of intolerance and hate, and that they may be called upon to suffer for those ideals. Unfortunately, that is what happened when the Iranian Revolution took place in 1979. She was forced to flee her home to protect her children from persecution and oppression. After two years of hardship and trials, being thrust to and fro across the world, they eventually settled in Canada and began to enjoy the freedom this country provides in order for them to continue to serve humanity.


Jinous decided she wanted to do something meaningful that would give back to this beautiful country that had given her family shelter. In consultation with her husband, John, and her daughters, she decided to see if there was any interest in the hair remover she had been making at home for all those years.


For the love of skin!

She could see that while there were many options in the hair removal industry for getting rid of unwanted hair, there was nothing that focused on what is left behind when the hair is removed – the skin! She set as her goal the health and vitality of the skin. She was mindful that men and women remove unwanted hair to reveal the skin underneath. Other methods of hair removal only focused on removing the hair, with the skin being only an afterthought, if it comes into the equation at all. If the skin is traumatized in the process, and needs time to heal from the assault of the hair removal process, what is the point of removing the hair?


MOOM® is Born!

She knew that with her expertise, she could create a formulation that would be unique in its ability to oust the hair, but protect the skin from harsh treatment, using organic ingredients.  She knew the benefits of chamomile, lemon juice, and essential oils for the skin, and decided to combine these with sugar in a unique and natural caramel Glaze®, precision crafted to remove only the hair and the very dead skin cells on the superficial surface. What emerges as a result, is healthy, vital, pampered hair-free skin, ready to dazzle.


Her creation won rave reviews from her friends, who encouraged her to introduce her vision to every woman and man who cared about their health, and the ingredients to which they expose themselves, and who wanted to take care of their skin while removing unwanted hair. MOOM® Organic Hair Removal Glaze® was born!


What is Glazing®?

Because there was, and is still is, nothing like it on the market, she needed a new term to describe what MOOM® does. She came up with the moniker “glazing”. You only need a paper-thin layer of gentle MOOM® to “glaze” away unwanted hair. This unprecedented formulation required special equipment, and that is where her loving husband, the electro-mechanical engineer, came in. He painstakingly designed specialized equipment and circuitry that allows each natural ingredient to be combined with the others in an optimal way, ensuring the efficacy of the formulation of MOOM.


The First Organic Hair Remover on the Market!

No one had ever heard of an organic hair remover before! MOOM® was so new and unprecedented, that it took years of travel and face-to-face exposure, to familiarize women and men with its incomparable benefits and unique formulation. Jinous won over her clients through her authenticity and love for her creation, and her clients. The Women’s Enterprise Society of British Columbia recognized her achievements and ingenuity and nominated her as …

A Trailblazer in Environmentally Conscious Beauty Products

Before it became popular to be natural, MOOM® provided a vision of beauty in sync with nature. MOOM® has grown in popularity through word of mouth, and today enjoys a committed following of devoted men and women, who appreciate its authenticity and complete embrace of Nature.


Jinous is proud to be leading others by her example. She is so happy to see so many other hair removal products trying to follow in MOOM®’s footsteps. The more companies do as she has always done – protect the environment – the better!


Today, Jinous enjoys creating MOOM®, and caring for her family and community in beautiful British Columbia, Canada!