Instruction & Tips

Instruction & Tips

Instructions & Tips from MOOM®

General Directions

Please read all instructions carefully including the Dos and Don’ts and Caution sections.

Before you begin MOOM®ing, wash and dry skin completely to remove any oils, makeup or lotions. Dry the area thoroughly. That is all the preparation you need. Following the direction of hair growth, apply a paper-thin layer of MOOM®. Use the edge of the spatula, thin out the layer. Place MOOM® fabric strip on top, leaving 2″ (5 cm) at the end of the strip free for a firm grip. Rub your hand over the entire length of the strip rapidly 3 times to adhere it well to the MOOM®.

Holding the skin taut with one hand, zip off the strip quickly in the direction opposite to hair growth, keeping it as close and parallel to your skin as possible. If you are a first-time user, some skin sensitivity may occur which will decrease with subsequent use as hairs weaken. If you notice some new growth soon after you MOOM®, these are simply hairs that were still below the skin’s surface, or too short to remove. With continued use, regrowth will weaken, and eventually the area will require less MOOM®ing.


  • Two-Week Rule: Previously shaved hair is strong & resistant. Wait approximately two weeks for 1/2″ (1 cm) growth before first use. As you continue using MOOM®, the roots become weaker and the hair does not have to be as long as 1/2″ (1 cm) to be removed.
  • Read all instructions carefully before beginning.
  • Study direction of hair growth before you start.
  • If hair is long trim back to 1/2″ (1 cm).
  • Make sure the area is washed and completely dry.
  • Just warm MOOM® for 10 seconds at a time in the microwave until it reaches a honey-like consistency so that it is easy to spread.
  • MOOM® has to be applied in a paper-thin layer, just a thin film is enough. Use the edge of the spatula to thin out the layer.
  • Always spread MOOM® IN DIRECTION of hair growth and remove the strip IN OPPOSITE DIRECTION.


  • MOOM® MUST NEVER EXCEED 110° F (40° C)!
  • Do not pull the strip up and away from the skin.
  • Do not forget to keep the skin taut during strip removal.
  • Do not peel the strip back slowly.
  • Do not press down on the fabric strip as this will cause the sugar blend to seep through the fabric. Instead, rub rapidly two or three times. The more contract you maintain with the fabric strip, the more heat from your hand will cause the sugar blend to seep through making the fabric sticky.
  • Do not apply MOOM® immediately after shower or bath, due to oversensitivity of the skin.
  • Do not allow any moisture to enter the jar of MOOM®, this destroys the consistency and stops it from working.


  • DO NOT HEAT OVER 110° (40° C)!
  • Always test temperature of MOOM® before use.
  • Those with sensitive skin should be careful about using any kind of hair remover. It is best to test MOOM® on a small patch of skin first. Discontinue use if you experience any reactions.
  • If you are using Alpha Hydroxy, Retinol, or Glycolic Acid products regularly, consult your physician before using MOOM®.
  • Do not expose the skin to direct sun for 24 hours.
  • When using MOOM® on underarms, do not use deodorant or antiperspirant for 12 hours.
  • Do not use MOOM® on sores, warts, moles, pimples, acne, rashes, varicose veins, sunburns, broken skin, peeling or tender skin, skin that is chapped or otherwise irritated.
  • Never use MOOM® on nipples or to remove hair from inside nostrils, inside ears, or from eyelids.


Microwave: Warm MOOM® to a honey-like consistency by placing the open jar in the centre of your microwave and warming it for 10 seconds. Repeat for additional 10 seconds until you reach a honey-like consistency. As the strength of microwaves vary, always test temperature before use. Stove: Put the open jar in a pot of cold water and warm it on the stove, ensuring that it does not come up higher than halfway up the jar. Bring MOOM® to a honey-like consistency. Always test temperature before use.

Clean and dry area well & apply corn starch. For very coarse, stray hairs on the chin and upper lip, thoroughly surround the hair in a small bead of MOOM®. Apply strip and remove. When finished, cool area with clean ice cubes if necessary.

Upper Lip

upper-lipLips and the skin around them are among the most delicately sensitive parts of the body. To start, study the growth pattern on your upper lip. In general, you will see a pattern similar to the diagram.

Start by applying MOOM® to each section separately following the arrows. Do not do the entire area in one application as this would be ineffective in removing the hairs, and may even cause bruising. MOOM® in small sections similar to the illustration.

Remember that the arrows show the direction in which you apply the MOOM®, you pull the strip off in the direction opposite to the arrows. When finished, cool area with clean ice cubes if necessary. Note: To keep the skin taut, stretch your upper lip over your teeth or push your tongue against the inside of your lip in the area you are MOOM®ing.


eyebrowBefore you start, study the natural shape of your eyebrows. It is best to use the natural shape of your eyebrows while removing straggly hairs to reveal a clean and graceful line. Before you start, read all instructions and practice MOOM®ing other parts of your body to make sure that you’re very familiar with the product and how it works.

Make sure you read the Dos and Don’ts sections as well. Remove contact lenses. You do not need to warm MOOM® for use on this area. If you make a mistake when applying MOOM®, just rinse it off, dry the area completely and begin again. Make sure you do not get too close to the eyes.

In the eyebrow area you should only use each strip once!

legIt is helpful to prepare a comfortable work area for yourself. One possibility is to place a large bed sheet or towel on the floor to pick up any drips or spills. You will find a mirror is quite helpful for MOOM®ing the back of the legs. Trim the hairs back to 1/2″ (1 cm) if longer.

If you MOOM® gets cold as you proceed, take a moment to return it to the microwave for 5 seconds to gently warm it to a honey-like consistency.


The only reason you warm up MOOM® is to make it easier to spread. When you are MOOM®ing your legs it is important to note the different directions in which the hair grows.

Holding the skin taut with one hand, zip strip off very quickly in the opposite direction with the other. Repeat on the remaining sections.

bikiniSince the bikini area is very sensitive, it is a good idea to MOOM® in small patches. If necessary, trim the hairs back to about 1/2″ (1 cm). Apply dusting of talc or corn starch sparingly to absorb perspiration.

Bend your leg outward to make the skin taut. Apply a very thin layer of MOOM®. Using the edge of the applicator, remove the excess MOOM® leaving only a paper-thin film. Place fabric strip on top and rub rapidly 3 times.

Hold the skin very taut with one hand while zipping the strip off extremely rapidly in the opposite direction to hair growth with the other, keeping your hand parallel to the surface of the skin.

underarmsIf the hairs are long, trim back to 1/2″ (1 cm). Place your arm behind your head as far back as you can. Note the growth pattern of your hair as it varies widely from person to person. In general, divide the area into north and south. Apply a dusting of baby powder or corn starch to the entire area to absorb moisture. Apply southward in the lower portion and northward in the upper portion. Work on only 1/2″ (1 cm) of the area at a time. Spread MOOM® evenly & thinly with the edge of the applicator in the direction of the arrows, one section at a time, starting from the center. Follow the steps outlined under General Directions. When you are finished, you may wish to refresh the area with some clean ice cubes if necessary. Do not use deodorant or antiperspirants for 12 hours after underarm application.

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